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The Ultimate Road Trip Automotive Maintenance Checklist

road trip automotive maintenance checklist

Everybody enjoys a great road trip, but if you fall short in preparing your automobile for a road trip it can lead to disaster. Do not be deceived into believing that your brand-new vehicle doesn’t require an inspection, a fast check can mean the difference in a carefree drive or a roadside breakdown. We’ve assembled a quick list of important car maintenance inspections you should do before your next trip.

Is My Automobile Prepared For A Trip?

Even if your car is brand-new that does not automatically mean it’s ready for a lengthy road trip. If your automobile is past due for an oil change, has a tire with an air leak, or has a burned-out taillight then you absolutely need to get those things repaired before dreaming of the open road. Additionally, if you do not already have an emergency kit in your car, you must get one prior to your next journey. Despite having all the road trip planning on the planet, stuff can go wrong. A bit of prevention can help exceptionally when presented with unexpected vehicle troubles.

Road Trip Safety List

Ok, you’re ready to look over your automobile with a fine-tooth comb, but where do you start? Your road trip checklist should concentrate on 3 major sections: Fluids, Wheels and Tires, and Maintenance. While not an extensive checklist, if you extensively examine these areas your chances of an undisturbed trip rises.


  • Engine Oil – As we stated above, you’ll need to ensure that the oil has been changed recently.
  • Transmission Fluid – Be sure to consult your owner’s manual to see the intervals at which to have it replaced. If it’s past due, you’ll want to change it out.
  • Radiator fluid – See to it that your antifreeze is full for optimum performance and examine your owner’s manual to see if it needs to be changed.
  • Brake Fluid – Being able to brake properly can mean the difference between a collision or not. If you are unsure, get it examined
  • Windshield Fluid – If you’re likely to be driving a long distance you’re most likely to strike some bugs or other road debris. Make certain your windshield wiper fluid container is completely full to get the crud off. Wiper fluid is worthless without excellent wipers, so replace your wipers while you’re at it.


  • Tire Tread – Make certain there are no bald spots and that you have lots of tire tread left. Double-check for any type of punctures that need to be taken care of. If they can not be repaired, replace them.
  • Air Pressure – Make sure that your tires are pumped up to the appropriate pressure and that they all have equal pressure in each tire.
  • Rotation – Ensure that your tires don’t need to be rotated. Tires that aren’t balanced/rotated correctly can wear unevenly and have a bothersome vibration.
  • Spare Tire – Whatever you examine on your primary tires, do it for your spare tire as well.

Regular Maintenance Items

  • Light Bulbs – Burned out headlamps and taillights can be a safety hazard, so make certain they function correctly. While you are at it, check your turn signal lights and parking lights. You could even update to LED bulbs for brighter light and reduced power consumption
  • Air Filter – If you’re like most of us, your air filter needed to be changed years ago. It’s simple to do, isn’t very pricey, and can assist with better gas mileage.
  • Belts and Hoses – If you aren’t an auto mechanic, this could be a little daunting but it can, in fact, be fairly straightforward. First thing is to try to find splits in the hoses, then squeeze the tubes to see if they seem brittle. Hoses must feel rubbery, if they feel weak or have splits you need to replace them. Try to find leaks on your hoses, especially where they attach to various other components. Lastly, checks the belts to make certain they aren’t loosely affixed or have missing notches. A busted belt and/or hose can promptly spoil your road trip and your engine.
  • Battery – See to it that the battery terminals are not worn away and that the positive and negative connections are tight. If your car starts slowly you might need to replace your battery.
  • Brakes – Having the ability to brake your car competently is key in staying clear of accidents. Flushing your brake fluid, changing the brake pads, and getting brand-new rotors might be required to have a secure vehicle for your trip.

Test Drive Your Car Before the Road Trip

You know your car better than any person. Take it out for a quick spin to see if something really feels off. This isn’t a pleasure cruise so switch off the radio and concentrate. Does your car draw to one side when braking heavily? Does your Air Conditioner blow cold air? If something feels off, you should have a certified technician take a look into it.

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